COVID Testing Information


We perform both PCR and Rapid Antigen COVID testing; AND COVID Antibody testing

Appointments can be booked online by clicking here

Our usual turnaround time for Rapid testing is less than 1 hour and for PCR is 2 hours.

Once your appointment is accepted, you will receive a link to complete patient intake forms  in your email. PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORMS INCLUDING A PHOTO OF YOUR DRIVER LICENSE AND INSURANCE CARE/ PAYMENT METHOD.  Intake forms must be received at least 30 mins prior to appointment for insured patients

We will be conducting a focused telemedicine video visit with our physician at the time of the booked appointment. This is mandatory for patients wishing to use insurance for testing. The purpose is to document testing reasons and provide appropriate recommendations

Once you arrive at our parking lot, please call us on 470-416-3424 to let us know you are here

You can conduct the telemedicine visit from our parking lot and we can collect the sample right after, or you can do the telemedicine visit from a different location and drive up to our center in the next hour per your convenience

Our sample collection time starts at 9.30 am. So if you have scheduled an appointment before 9.30 am, please complete the telemedicine visit at the booked time and drive up to the center at 9.30 am

When you are at the center, please stay in the car and one of our staff members will come to you for sample collection