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Lynn stotz

Had some Covid symptoms just before vacation and couldn’t get a test appointment at a dozen other places. OM got me in at the end of the day and they were so efficient and nice!


Bob Stiller

Efficient, capable and friendly. I had not been to doctor's office since pre Pandemic, and was not sure what to expect. I felt safe and protected during my visit- social distancing where possible, masks and sanitizing available.


Michael Burtrum

The doctor was excellent and extremely pleasant and inviting as well as very thorough! I felt like the doctor cared about my health and at the same time was very serious and would only make an informed medical decision based on scrutinized questions based on my complaints. He asked me numerous questions I could tell were important, and I feel like he took his time to throughly make a medically informed decision based on what I was experiencing medically during my video visit. I feel like an in person visit would have given him much better information than by video but I think Dr. Farhad Yazdi is excellent.


Lura Sheppard

Every person from front desk on were very helpful, kind, and understanding. I enjoyed meeting all of them and the doctor was responsive and helpful.


Tim Harris

Outstanding service. Staff was friendly and extremely helpful. Went out of their way to make sure that all my insurance questions were answered. They support teleconference health appointments, so you do not need to show up in person.